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'Wow, oh my gosh!' A simple change made this mom look years younger

Our Ambush Makeover team gave two lovely ladies a style upgrade for the fall.
/ Source: TODAY

Our Ambush Makeover team, celebrity hairstylist Louis Licari and TODAY contributor Jill Martin, helped two lovely ladies update their hair and wardrobe, just in time for the fall!

First up is Teresa Fisher, 55, from Michigan. She's visiting New York City with her daughter Amanda.

“She’s wanted this for a long time,” Amanda told TODAY.

She works as a customer service leader, and today will be the first time in 20 years that she has changed her hairstyle.

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“Oh my goodness, I love it!" Teresa said when she walked out on set.

Louis darkened her hair color and Jill hooked her up with a faux fur vest, getting her all set for fall.

Next up is Michelle Tracy, a wife and mother from Buffalo, New York. She has been married for five years and has a two-year-old daughter named Elizabeth.

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She is here on a mother-daughter trip with her mom, Dianne, and her sister, Lauren.

Michelle has never colored her hair!

“She does things for everybody else and I think this is a great thing for her to do for herself,” her daughter told TODAY.


“Oh my gosh, that looks fantastic!” Michelle said of herself.

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Louis made her hair lighter with simple side-swept bangs and Jill dressed her in a knee-length vest with a fitted black belt over it.

Congratulations to both beautiful ladies!