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Would you wear a Crocs-inspired purse? The reactions are mixed, to say the least

The brand Optari has released a Crocs-esque handbag made from the same lightweight material as the popular clogs.
/ Source: TODAY

If you thought you’ve seen Crocs in just about every iteration (high heels, anyone?), think again.

A Crocs-inspired bag has been discovered by shoppers on Amazon; the perfect accessory for those who fancy that lightweight, plastic-foamy material of Crocs’ signature clogs so much that they'd wear it on their shoulder, too.

Optari Sol Tote Bag, $25, Amazon

Made by the brand Optari, the purse is available in two sizes — a small handbag for $19.99 and a larger tote bag for $24.99 — and is marketed online as multifunctional item thanks to its waterproof texture. Use it as a diaper bag, a beach bag, a shower caddy, a gardening tote or just an everyday purse. (Moms carrying spillable snacks for the kiddos, could this be an answer to your prayers?)

Like the Crocs clogs, the bag also comes in a variety of colors — black, blue, green, pink and purple — and has the same type of holes that you can snap personalized charms into. (Yes, there are charms, too.)

Naturally, folks on social media have caught wind of the divisive accessory and have vocalized their mixed opinions.

Optari also has crossbody bag, for those less-is-more type of purse carriers. It’s made from the same Crocs-esque material and also comes with a few interchangeable straps, so you can carry it as a wristlet/clutch or wear it across your body.

Optari Crossbody Plus, $20, Amazon

Of course, Crocs itself is no stranger to the bag game. Earlier this year, the brand teamed up with the online clothing store PizzaSlime to put out an edgy crossbody bag — that's literally made out of a Crocs clog. (The collaboration sells for $300 on PizzaSlime's website.) Crocs has also in the past released other lines of bags, such as backpacks.

Are you into the Crocs-inspired bag? Tell us below!