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Would you like to get married on ‘Today'?

If so, apply here to be our wedding couple.

Please complete the following application (the “Application”) to apply for a chance to be our wedding couple. Be sure to fill out all required fields. You must answer all questions except where otherwise noted. After completing this application, print it out, sign it, attach a couple photograph, and mail itaccording to the instructions below. Your completed application must be received by 1:00 pm (ET) July 27, 2007. 

Also, watch TODAY and/or your local NBC station for announcements about the opportunity to submit your Application in person at one or more live events (a “Live Event”) that may be held in select cities throughout the United States where you may also have the opportunity to meet and speak to TODAY producers who may be reviewing your Application.  You do not have to attend a Live Event in order to submit an Application.

Mailing Instructions:Send your application form to the following address:

TODAY, NBC, c/o TODAY THROWS A WEDDING30 Rockefeller CenterNew York, New York 10112

1.   Preliminary Information

On or about October 5, 2007, “TODAY” will plan and give, and will schedule for broadcast, live, on NBC’s TODAY show (the “Show”), a “Martha Stewart” wedding and honeymoon event (the “TODAY Wedding”) for one (1) couple (the “Wedding Couple”) who will be chosen by TODAY and TODAY viewers from among a number of couples (currently scheduled to be four (4), but which is subject to change by TODAY) selected by TODAY through this Application process (the “Finalist Couples”).  Anyone considering submitting an Application for a chance to participate in the TODAY Wedding should read all of the information below for eligibility rules, requirements of participation and an explanation of what will be expected of them if they are selected as either a Finalist Couple or as the Wedding Couple. 

For any couple’s Application to be considered, their Application must be legible and complete, and each Applicant must, read and sign the Application where indicated.  Only one (1) Application per couple/person is permitted.  The requirements detailed in this Application cannot be waived or changed except by TODAY, and entrants who cannot perform these requirements or make the necessary time commitment, or whose religion does not permit a marriage outside of a religious dwelling, should not submit an Application.

2. Eligibility Criteria

To apply and to be eligible for consideration to participate in the TODAY Wedding, all applicants must meet the following minimum eligibility requirements:

Each applicant, of a couple submitting an Application, must be at least 21 years of age as of  July 2, 2007; The couple submitting an Application must have become engaged to be married prior to June 2, 2007 (i.e., at least one month prior to July 2, 2007); Each applicant must be a legal resident of the United States and must have a valid United States passport; Each applicant must not be subject to any travel restrictions and must agree to obtain the requisite immunizations (for the honeymoon), if necessary; Each applicant must be of good moral character, must have never been convicted of a crime of any nature (other than moving violations of a misdemeanor type that did not involve personal injury, drugs or alcohol), and must have nothing in their background that would be an embarrassment to NBC News or TODAY (as determined by TODAY, in its sole discretion); and neither of the applicants may be an elected official or may be currently running for any political office (local, state or federal).

Applicants being considered for selection or actually selected by TODAY (or TODAY viewers, as applicable) as a Finalist Couple or the Wedding Couple must also be willing to agree, among other things, to the following:

To undergo and authorize a background investigation conducted by TODAY and agree to sign all documents necessary, and requested by TODAY, to enable TODAY to conduct a background investigation, including, without limitation, enabling TODAY to investigate, access and collect information about you and any of the statements made by you in this Application or otherwise;  To execute waivers and release documents, which may include (but are not limited to) an Affidavit of Eligibility, Waiver of Liability and Publicity Release, and such other documents as required and/or requested by TODAY; To be interviewed by telephone or in person (at a location designated by TODAY) and/or to either appear in a videotape produced by TODAY or to submit a videotape and/or photograph (if requested by TODAY) in which the applicant couple appears;If selected as a Finalist Couple or the Wedding Couple, to agree to make themselves exclusively available to TODAY for publicity and promotion, to travel to destination(s) of TODAY’s choice at various dates and times designated by TODAY (including for appearances on TODAY), and to participate in various public appearances, activities, and/or competitions throughout and related to the process of selecting the Wedding Couple and the holding of the TODAY Wedding, including without limitation, throughout and after the honeymoon; To ask friends and family to appear on TODAY as well; To be legally married in a wedding to be broadcast on television and organized by TODAY at a venue to be selected by TODAY (in its sole discretion, including without limitation, an outdoor wedding) on a date chosen by TODAY, which is currently scheduled to take place (subject to change in the sole discretion of TODAY) during the week ending October 5, 2007; Be prepared to immediately depart for a honeymoon destination (and to travel by airplane, automobile, boat, helicopter, train or any other vehicle of TODAY’s choosing) that the Wedding Couple will be told about on the day of the TODAY Wedding; To accept choices made by TODAY, viewers, website users and others (and without input from the couple) as to significant elements of the wedding, such as the following: nature and length of ceremony, choice of wedding attire and wedding party attire for couple, cake, flowers, music, wedding rings, honeymoon itinerary, wedding venue and scheduling, and other elements to be furnished by and in the sole discretion of TODAY; andTo abide and be bound by the TODAY Throws A Wedding Official Event Rules that will be provided by TODAY to, and must be read and signed by, each applicant couple designated by TODAY, in its sole discretion, as a semifinalist couple eligible for consideration to be selected as a Finalist Couple.

Employees of NBC Universal, Inc. (“NBCU”), MSNBC Cable LLC (“MSNBC”), NBCU’s affiliated TV stations or Web site, Nestlé USA (“Nestle”), Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, Inc., iVillage Inc., General Electric and their parent, subsidiary, affiliated and joint venture companies, advertising and promotion agencies, and any other entity involved with the TODAY Wedding and the Show (collectively, the “Released Parties”), as well as members of such employees’ immediate families (including children, spouses and siblings) and households (whether related or not), are not eligible. 

In addition, TODAY reserves the right, but is not obligated, to disqualify or render ineligible any person or couple whom it determines, in its sole discretion, is sufficiently connected with the production, administration, casting, judging, or distribution of the TODAY show such that his or her participation in the Program could create the appearance of impropriety.  Such decisions shall be final and are not subject to challenge or appeal.

3.   Application Information

4.   Acknowledgements, Consents and Releases

You hereby give the following acknowledgements, consents, and releases:

(a) By signing below, I hereby acknowledge and agree that: (i) I have read and agree to be bound by all terms and conditions (including, without limitation, all rules, eligibility requirements and releases) set forth in this Application; (ii) I have completed this Application honestly and accurately and I meet all eligibility requirements set forth in the Application; (iii) if any of the information in this Application is found to be false or incomplete, this will be grounds for dismissal from consideration as an applicant or from any form of participation in the TODAY Wedding; (iv) even if I meet the eligibility requirements, TODAY has no obligation to interview me and/or select me as a participant; (v) I am granting TODAY the right to use my name, city, state, likeness, voice, biographical information, and actions and statements in connection with this Application and Finalist Couples selection process and/or any other aspect of the TODAY Wedding; (vi) all applications and any other materials submitted by me (including any photos) become the property of TODAY and will not be returned, and (vii) all decisions by TODAY concerning this Application process or any other aspect of the TODAY Wedding are final and not subject to challenge or appeal.

(b) By participating and submitting an Application and signing below, applicants (i) agree to execute all additional agreements and other documents requested by TODAY, and to follow all additional rules, directions and instructions of TODAY, in connection with their participation in or Application related to the TODAY Wedding or the Show; (ii) agree to release and hold the Released Parties harmless from and against any and all claims, actions, damages, liabilities, losses costs and expenses of any kind (including, without limitation, personal injury, death, and/or property damage) arising out of their Application or other participation in (as applicable) any aspect of the TODAY Wedding including, without limitation, any travel or any other activities in connection with the TODAY Wedding; (iii) waive all rights to claim direct, indirect, punitive, incidental and/or consequential damages, attorney's fees or any other damages of any kind; and (iv) agree that they have read and understood all of the terms and conditions set forth in this Application (including, without limitation, all rules, eligibility requirements and releases), and accept these terms and conditions together and agree to abide by them, as they may be amended from time to time, and all other applicable rules and regulations and the decisions of TODAY, which are final and binding.  

TODAY may prohibit any individual from participating in any aspect of the TODAY Wedding, including, without limitation, the Application process or the Finalist Couples or the Wedding Couples selection process, if at the sole discretion of TODAY, such person is deemed ineligible by TODAY for any reason (as determined by TODAY, in its sole discretion) or shows a disregard for any terms or conditions or other rules established by TODAY in connection with the TODAY Wedding, or acts (1) with an intent to annoy, abuse, threaten, or harass any other applicant, TODAY, or any of its agents, representatives or employees or (2) in any other disruptive manner.

I have read, understand, and agree to be bound by all of the terms and conditions set forth in this application.  (Both individuals of the applicant couple must sign below.)

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Thank you for your time and effort in completing this Application.