Would you ever wear asymmetrical jeans? See the trend that's dividing the internet

Check out the style for yourself!
Asymmetrical jeans
Asymmetrical jeans are the latest bizarre fashion trend.neimanmarcus.com
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By Chrissy Callahan

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We've heard of skinny jeans and wide-leg jeans, but there's a hybrid style in town that wants to give you the best of both worlds.

And, honestly, we're kind of puzzled by it.

Asymmetrical jeans have slowly been creeping their way into our lives over the last several months. They're totally unconventional at best and completely insane at worst — it all depends on your viewpoint.

With this bizarre denim style, one leg gets snugly wrapped up in a skinny silhouette while the other can breathe with a wide-leg fit. But the question is, why?

Perhaps the style is designed for those fickle moments when you simply can't decide which style of denim to choose. Or maybe one of your legs simply enjoys getting a breeze more than the other.

Either way, the unique jeans have been slowly gaining traction. Just a few months ago, TODAY's Hoda Kotb joked that the look must have come from a "designer who was drinking."

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But fashionista Celine Dion appears to enjoy the look, and wore a pair this summer to Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week with a frilly pink top and matching heels.

Celine Dion gave the trend her seal of approval earlier this summer.SplashNews.com

Some Twitter users have said they're not totally opposed to asymmetrical jeans.

Now asymmetrical jeans are making waves once again. Earlier this week, Buzzfeed reporter Julia Reinstein voiced her distaste for the style after seeing a pair in a newsletter for the website Man Repeller.

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"i love manrepeller but i hate manrepeller. look at these $462 ASYMMETRICAL JEANS they want us to buy," she wrote.

She then followed up with another cheeky tweet, sharing several other pairs of "horrendous" jeans.

Several of Reinstein's followers were sincerely hoping the $462 pair of Asymmetric Skinny & Wide-Leg Jeans from designer Ksenia Schnaider was meant to be a joke.

Some couldn't believe such a style exists.

But, alas, it does! And if you're dying to get your own pair, you can head on over to Neiman Marcus to buy them now.

Whether you love them or hate them, you have to admit that asymmetrical jeans are one of a kind!

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