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WornonTV: Site lets you shop from your favorite TV shows

Go ahead and refer to your Sunday TV binge as "running errands."
/ Source: TODAY

Raise your hand if you remember "shopping." You know: driving to stores, browsing aimlessly, standing in lines?

... Anyone?

These days, all but the most mundane errands are done online — and even those might be in jeopardy. (Case in point: I recently watched a friend whip out her phone to order Goldfish crackers via Amazon One-Click as she shook the last crumbs from the bag.)

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We could mourn the death of experiences unclouded by efficiency. Or, we could embrace the pursuit of laziness — that is, our right to not wear pants while shopping for new ones — and the ability to find exactly what we’re looking for immediately.

Olivia’s red floral dress on Scandal is available on the site.WornOnTV

If you’re in the latter camp, meet your newest enabler: It's a shoppable index of items worn on popular shows like "Pretty Little Liars, "Scream Queens" and "Nashville." Think Netflix meets that amazing scene from "Clueless" where Cher chooses an outfit via digital catalog. That could be you! (Kind of.)

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Michaela’s sweater on "How to Get Away with Murder" is another of the many coveted items available.

Founder Linda Wilks singlehandedly maintains a by-character clothing archive of over 100 current shows. The site connects users to online retailers through affiliate links, whose kickback keeps the project up and running. WornOnTV is updated as new episodes air, letting fans emulate their television style icons in real time.

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Yup, you can find Mandy’s floral skirt on Last Man Standing on WornOnTV, too.WornOnTV

So yes, you can go ahead and refer to your Sunday TV binge as “running errands.”

You’re welcome.

For more on Linda’s process and the biggest worn-on-TV trends, read her interview with Racked.