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Gray hair, curly hair and more! See the new emojis released for World Emoji Day

Coming soon to a screen near you!
Apple is releasing more than 70 new emojis.
/ Source: TODAY


Just in time for World Emoji Day on July 17, Apple is rolling out a slew of new emojis, including plenty of hairstyle options for people with red hair, curly hair, gray hair, and no hair.

Redheads will no doubt be thrilled with the addition of ginger-haired options, available in a range of skin tones.

Gingers, unite! Apple

And curly-haired people will finally have emojis that better reflect their hair texture.

Curly-haired emojis are finally here! Apple

These new characters were created in response to user requests for more diverse emoji hairstyles, says Jeremy Burge, the founder of the emoji reference website Emojipedia.

“Redheads have been one of the most popular emoji requests to come from Emojipedia users in years,” Burge, who also co-authored the proposal for these new styles, told TODAY Style in an email. “I’m sure that will be one of the most popular, although the curly hair options might give them a run for their money.”

The new, gray-haired emojis will no doubt be popular, too.

Gray-haired emojis will also soon be available across Apple products.Apple

And the range of bald emojis, available in both male and female versions, are also a huge step for inclusivity.

The new, bald emojis come in a variety of skin tones for both men and women. Apple

The new emojis don’t cover every single hair combination — for example, there are no curly gray or curly red-haired options.

But companies like Apple and Google could always choose to make these tweaks, Burge told TODAY.

“Maybe the default style for the new redhead emojis should be with wavy or curly hair?” he said. “It looks as though most companies will be implementing the redhead emoji with the same straight hair as the other colors, but it doesn’t have to be this way!”

So many options!Apple

The new emojis will roll out later this year for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Mac. Apple hasn’t revealed the exact release date, but the company says the new icons will be available as part of an upcoming free software update.

And it’s not just hairstyles. More than 70 new emojis are on the way, including some fun animal options.

Parrots, lobsters, kangaroos and peacocks are coming soon.

And some new foods, including a mango, a cupcake, lettuce and a moon cake are also on the menu.


A big thumbs up to all the new emojis on the way!