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Woman wears wedding dress around the world in stunning photo series

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Jennifer Salvage took her wedding dress to Iceland for her blog.Jeff Salvage

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 Jennifer Salvage took her wedding dress to Iceland for the couple's blog. Today

Most women only get to wear their wedding dress once, but not Jennifer Salvage.

Since marrying her husband Jeff almost five years ago, Jennifer has worn her wedding dress over 100 times, in places as far flung as China, France, and New Zealand.

It started in Easter Island, Chile, at the couple's wedding in 2008. Jeff, a college professor and part time professional photographer, loved the idea of getting married in the remote location, and asked his bride to pose all over the island so he could capture a series of striking shots.

 Salvage with her dress in Antelope Canyon. Today

"My husband kindly requested I wear it repeatedly to be photographed under different lighting conditions and various locations around the island to get that 'iconic image,'" Jennifer writes on the couple's blog.

"Be careful the innocent indulgences you make early in your relationship: they can become rituals fairly quickly."

 Salvage in the dress in New Zealand. Today

After three wedding shoots on Easter Island, Jeff was inspired to create the "One Dress, One Woman, One World" project, in which he continued to photograph his bride in her Maggie Settero gown all over the world, from the waters of Jamaica to their very own backyard in southern New Jersey (you can see all the couple's photos here).

The couple brought the dress along on a trip to the Alps, and then carried it on their trip to China for the 2008 Olympics.

 The wedding gown made its way to Paris. Today

Meanwhile, the blog grew. Jeff and Jennifer were featured on bridal websites from the US to Japan to Australia, and even put together a coffee-table book full of their photographs.

 The dress in Norway. Today
 The dress in the Redwood Forest. Today
 The dress at the Vatican. Today

Jennifer’s dress designer got in on the game, too, embracing the project and inviting the couple to the company's American headquarters.

While a casual blog viewer might just focus on the beautiful pictures, the images carry a much deeper meaning for the couple. They’ve used the wedding dress photo project as a way to connect and strengthen their relationship.

 Jennifer wore the dress on the Philadelphia Sixers' basketball court. Today

“We don’t travel just to take a picture, we are already there,” said Jeff. “I will keep doing it as long as it’s fun for her. When you get older and you have your memories and stories, it’s a great way to chronicle our life."

 She took the dress underwater in Jamaica. Today

While he might be the one taking the pictures, he says the project is a true collaboration between the couple.

"I have seen so many wives and husbands of photographers just cringe when the camera comes out," he said. "Jennifer comes up with a bunch of the poses on her own. It’s nice when there’s a give and a take. It’s a project for the two of us.”

So, what’s next for the Salvages? A trip to Maui, where the couple — and the white strapless dress — look forward to getting in the water.

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