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'It's so good!' Woman shrieks with joy after seeing her sister's makeover

A firefighter grandma stopped by TODAY for an Ambush Makeover, and she left with a sizzling hot look!
/ Source: TODAY

We've seen tears, jaws drops and shouts of amazement on Ambush Makeover, but when Corrine, a 52-year-old firefighter walked out after a makeover, her sister let out a shriek of joy!

(You may want to turn the volume down. Yes, she was THAT loud!)

Corrine is a mom of five and grandmother to seven. It's no surprise that this busy lady never cuts or colors her hair, but this was exciting news for our glam squad, since they had a "blank canvas" on which to create a new look.

That meant saying goodbye to Corrine's silver locks and adding a little color back into her life.

Woman reacts to sister's Ambush Makeover on TODAY.

Her sister Camille was super impressed!

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Corinne isn't the only woman whose Ambush Makeover was met with astonishment. Check out some of our other favorite makeover moments!

The cutest reaction a husband has EVER had

As a mother of four boys, Jackie, 34, is quite the busy lady, leaving her little time to worry about her appearance. A little mascara is usually all this Texas mom on the go ever has time for. But since she was about to celebrate her 10-year anniversary with her husband, Craig, she was ready for a big change.

WATCH: 'Holy smokes!' Hubby freaks over wife's makeover

Craig came to Jackie's big reveal with a red rose. How cute! But it was Craig's reaction at seeing how beautiful Jackie looked that was even more adorable.

"Oh my stars!" said Craig as he ran over as fast as he could to give Jackie a big hug. He was so excited that he even dropped his rose.

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"You look so good. Oh my God look at you! Holy smokes!" added Craig. "Wow!"

Husband runs over to hug his wife after her Ambush Makeover on TODAY.
Husband runs over to hug his wife after her ambush makeover.TODAY

"I love it! I love it!" he said. "You look wonderful."

This daughter's jaw dropped to the floor

Colleen came to the plaza with her 12-year-old daughter Hannah ready for some TLC. The mom of three daughters brought Hannah to New York City for the first time to see singer-songwriter Meghan Trainor. Colleen, a nurse, was ready to finally let others take care of her. Our Ambush Makeover team couldn't wait to bring out Colleen's beauty hiding underneath daily scrubs.

As she came out with her freshly cut hair and gorgeous blue and green dress, Colleen looked nothing short of amazing. But if seeing this glammed-up mom didn't sell you on the magic our Ambush Makeover team worked, perhaps Hannah's reaction will.

From the moment Hannah took off her blindfold, her eyes grew wide and her jaw dropped to the floor.

Daughter shocked by mom's Ambush Makeover on TODAY.

"You look so good! You look so different," said a surprised and excited Hannah.

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Cutting off old baggage! The most drastic haircut

For Sherry, who had just turned 50, a trip to New York for her kids' spring break meant saying goodbye to the old and ushering in the new. Before visiting the plaza, she hadn't cut her hair in five years and had never colored it, but Sherry came ready to make a drastic change in her life as she wanted to donate her hair — a whopping 12 inches — to Pantene's Beautiful Lengths program.

After seeing the newly cropped 'do, Sherry's family couldn't help but crack the biggest smiles.

"Oh my God! I look like a different person," said Sherry upon seeing her short hair.

This son's reaction is so sweet

During the month of September, Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, our Ambush Makeover team partnered with the St. Baldrick's Foundation. They worked to give Geri, whose son Maddox had battled leukemia at just 2 1/2-years old, a new look. Maddox's illness wasn't the only hurdle Geri and her family had to overcome, though. Shortly after Maddox was diagnosed in 2009, Geri found out she had breast cancer.

After their hard-fought battles together, this mother-son duo finally had some good news. Nearly six years later, Maddox is in remission and Geri is cancer-free. Our Ambush Makeover team wanted to do something extra special for this tireless mom who was ready to add some pizzazz to her look.

"Oh my God! Oh my God!" said an adorable Maddox, now 9, upon seeing how beautiful his mom looked.


Geri couldn't believe her eyes when she looked in the mirror. Tears of joy followed.

The shock of a lifetime

For Gina, a 33-year-old mom of four, a trip to New York left her returning home to Vermont with a striking new look. Before meeting our Ambush Makeover team, the stay-at-home mom hadn't colored her hair in a decade.

In case the screams from Gina's entourage didn't do her makeover justice, the shock on her face as she looked in the mirror for the first time said it all.

"Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! I don't think my baby's going to recognize me," said Gina as she saw her chic bangs.

The most priceless reaction sisters could have

Renay and her sisters came to New York City to celebrate her 70th birthday, and their trip to the city was not complete without a visit to the plaza. But this wasn't just any old stop at the plaza, they came dressed as elves and certainly caught Louis and Jill's attention in their festive costumes.

Our Ambush Makeover team couldn't help but want to give Renay a "Christmas miracle" as she celebrated a new decade of life.

Renay looked fabulous with her new, younger 'do, but it was her sisters Theresa and Gwen's reaction that really spoke volumes about her makeover. As soon as Renay entered the studio and they took off their blindfolds, they jumped for joy with excitement.

Sisters react to Ambush Makeover on TODAY.

And Renay was beyond thrilled as she saw her fabulous 70-year-old self.

Woman reacts to Ambush Makeover on TODAY.

Age truly is just a number!

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The story originally published December 31, 2015.