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Woman with Parkinson's celebrates 60th birthday with a personal Ambush Makeover

Marie Hagen has Parkinson's and not long to live. She got her own private Ambush Makeover at Louis Licari's salon for her 60th birthday.
/ Source: TODAY

When Marie Hagen looks in the mirror, she sees an old lady, but in her mind, she still feels like she's in her 20s.

Hagen turns 60 on Sunday and is in the process of restoring a home in Sparrow Bush, New York, that's been in her family for over 200 years.

"She does a lot more work on that house than I wish she would and I try to tell her, but she's too hard of a worker to listen," Christian Willey, Hagen's 22-year-old son, told TODAY. "Getting a makeover is a nice change of pace for her."

Marie Louise Hagen and her son Christian Willey at Licari Cutler Salon.Alexandra Zaslow / TODAY

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The retired lawyer was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease in 1999 and doesn't know how much longer she has to live. She's wanted an Ambush Makeover for years and when recently retaking her driver's license photo, she decided it was time.

She and Willey drove to New York City in the middle of the night because "we had to finish up our paint job first," Hagen told TODAY.

They got to Rockefeller Plaza by 5:30 a.m. Thursday with the big, bright sign Willey made in tow, hoping to get their attention.

The posters Willey made to bring to the Plaza to get his mom selected to have an Ambush Makeover.Christian Willey

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Unfortunately, she didn't get selected, but Louis Licari offered to have her come by his 5th Avenue salon later that day for her own private Ambush Makeover.

Marie Louise Hagen, Louis Licari and Enid O at Licari Cutler Salon.Alexandra Zaslow / TODAY

"This worked out perfectly because I was nervous about falling on national television," Hagen said. "My disease causes my muscles to tighten up, especially when I'm stressed and don't get enough sleep."

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Licari and his team worked their magic and in no time, she transformed into someone she wants to look at in the mirror.

Marie Louise Hagen at Licari Cutler Salon.Alexandra Zaslow / TODAY

"I feel pretty on the inside and a little more on the outside today," Hagen said with a smile after getting made over.

Willey was eager to show his mom's new look off and picked Carnegie Deli as the place to do so.

Marie Louise Hagen and her son Christian Willey at Licari Cutler Salon.Alexandra Zaslow / TODAY

"This will help her mentality a lot and will bring a lot more confidence and happiness in her life that will hopefully translate into more substantial physical differences."