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Woman dazzles after Ambush Makeover on her birthday: 'Look at the hair!'

What better way to celebrate your birthday than with a trip to New York City and an Ambush Makeover?
/ Source: TODAY

It's Thursday, and you know what that means: Ambush Makeover time!

Our first lucky makeover recipient was Pam Singer, 64, of Winchester, Virginia. A retired flight attendant, she has five grandchildren and has been married to her husband for 16 years. Singer grew up on a farm in Pennsylvania, and told TODAY she's usually in jeans because she paints a lot.

Her son is a producer for "American Psycho" on Broadway, and she needs a makeover for the opening of the show this evening. So, were the Ambush results worthy of an opening night in New York?

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"Oh my gosh! Thank you!" she said, twirling in front of the mirror happily. (We'll take that as a yes!)

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The second lucky Ambush recipient was Amanda Smith, 29 as of ... today! What better way to spend a birthday than with your very first trip to New York City and an Ambush Makeover to boot?

Smith hails from Rochester, New York, and she's been married for three years. Jeans, tees and hoodies are her wardrobe staples, and she typically wears her hair up in a bun. She told TODAY that her friends would describe her as a tomboy.

But after seeing her glamorous new look and hairdo, her friends might just change their minds.

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"Look at the hair!" she said, admiring herself in the mirror.

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