Woman with condition causing facial hair writes inspiring note to younger self

A young woman with a condition that causes her to grow body and facial hair wrote an inspiring note to her younger self, promising her that one day she'll find the self-confidence she's looking for.

Harnaam Kaur, 24, suffers from polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) and describes herself as a "body confidence activist, an anti-bullying activist, a plus-size model and a beautiful bearded lady" on Instagram.

Kaur wrote the note to her childhood self as part of makeup brand Illamasqua's #LetterToLittleMe campaign.

Hiii to all you beautiful, lovely gorgeous people πŸ’–πŸ’ I have a skin condition called Acanthosis Nigricans. It is a condition that allows the skin to darken on various parts of your body and i have patches of it. Acanthosis nigricans can be a sign of insulin resistance. It often occurs in people who are overweight and have diabetes, and because i have always been fabulously overweight; i have suffered from this skin condition from a very young age. I have forever been ashamed about having this condition, and for years i was bullied because of it. I remember rubbing and scrubbing my skin rapidly daily not knowing what was happening to it. My skin became raw red and sometimes bled. I remember trying to bleach my skin as a young girl, the stench of the bleaching creams were absolutely horrific and made me sick; but i was still determined to have lighter skin. Since my journey of self love, i have accepted and embraced the beautiful 'flaws' that i have, even my darkened skin. I no longer hide myself away from the world. People will always stop, stare and then do a double take in public, but i am used to it now. Love yourself for the way you are, embrace the gorgeous body that you have and realise the gems that are imbedded in your heart and soul. Never be ashamed of your body, and never let anyone shame you. You own your body so rock it how you want to. Lots of love from, Harnaam Kaur The Bearded Dame. πŸ’™ Photo credit: @laurenbecki.rowlands Magazine: @theparallelmag Makeup and model: Me #harnaamkaur #beardedlady #beardedwoman #effyourbeautystandards #bodyconfident #bodyconfidence #bodyconfidenceactivist #antibullyingactivist #thebeardeddame #queenbeard #queenofhearts #thedame #BeardSeason #loveyourbody #androgyny #androgynyqueen #androgynous #parallelmagazine #diversemodels #diversity #unashamedlyfeminist #feminist #genderqueer

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"I can see the struggles you are facing; I can see it in your eyes that you feel like you don't belong," Kaur wrote. "I feel it in your soul that you are struggling and you need some guidance. You quiver at the sight of people, you shudder at the touch of a stranger, and you drag your lifeless body everywhere that you go."

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Kaur, who lives in London, has been open in interviews and on social media about her struggles with bullying and body image, weight problems and being suicidal.

In the letter, she promised her younger self that those struggles wouldn't last forever.

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"You will grow up to be a gorgeous young woman who will shake the normal societal standards of beauty," she wrote. "You will grow to be an activist, and you will mature to help men and women all over the world. Your self-love, your beauty, your self-esteem, your confidence will help empower the masses to love themselves and their bodies."

Kaur has learned to embrace her differences and now, through activism, helps other young people learn to love what makes them unique.

She recently starred in a short film about bullying, and has more than 33,000 followers on Instagram, where she shares her personal stories.

Illamasqua's campaign encourages women to write letters to their bodies and share them with the hashtag #LetterToLittleMe.

PCOS is not uncommon β€” it affects between 5-10% of women between the ages of 18 and 44, according to the National Institutes of Health.

It's a health condition in which women have a high level of male hormones, which can lead to an irregular or absent menstrual cycles, ovarian cysts as well as excess body and facial hair.