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Woman celebrates 65th anniversary by wearing her wedding dress — from 1952

Their love has passed the test of time — and so has the wedding dress.
/ Source: TODAY

Their love has passed the test of time — and so has the wedding dress.

A Texas woman celebrated her 65th wedding anniversary by wearing the same dress she wore when she got married in 1952.

Ruthie McCoy wore the gown to a monthly gathering at Trinity Christian School in Lubbock, Texas, last Thursday, and it brought back a lot of wonderful memories, her husband Tom McCoy told TODAY.

The McCoys celebrate their 65th wedding anniversary. Ruthie McCoy wore her wedding dress from 1952. KCBD

"It took me back to the very first time I saw her," Tom, 88, said. "She was in an all-white dress (then). She looked like a little angel. I found out after I married her that she is an angel."

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Here, Ruthie interjects: "I pay him to say that!"

The fun-loving couple met through a church group in the 1950s.

"The second time I saw her I brought her an engagement ring," Tom said.

Ruthie and Tom McCoy on their wedding day, February 10, 1952.KCBD

As for the gown, it was a huge hit at the party. "It was a lot of fun," Tom said, adding that Ruthie surprised their friends by wearing the dress, which they purchased for $39.99 all those years ago.

"It's a satin dress with long sleeves," Ruthie, 83, said. "It has lace around the waistline, over the hips and down the back, and of course, lots of buttons... I worked so hard to make the money to buy it."

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The party was a monthly gathering where Bible school members celebrate birthdays and anniversaries, the couple explained.

"It was unannounced that Ruthie would be in her wedding dress for the banquet," Tom said. "We always go early and help set up and decorate the tables and then she changed into her wedding dress right before the party — it was just a real fun time."

The fun-loving couple said that recognizing each other as individuals is key to a lasting relationship. KCBD

The McCoys, who have three children, also shared some advice for people curious about the secret to such a long-lasting relationship.

"First, we recognize each other as being individuals," Tom said. "We don't think alike, we don't always agree on everything, but we do not argue about it — we discuss it. I recognize the fact that she has her own way of thinking, and I respect that. And I have my own way, and she does the same thing."

"It has worked very well for us," he continued. "I just decided to let her do the talking, but I reserve the right to get the last word. And that last word would be, 'yes, dear.'"