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Are 'wire nails' the hottest new nail trend of 2017?

The phrase "hard as nails" has a whole new meaning with the new wire nails trend.
/ Source: TODAY

You may already wear gold or chrome nail polish, but the new "wire nail" trend takes metallic manicures to the next level!

Leading the trend is manicure guru Eun Kyung Park, the founder of Unistella salon in Seoul, South Korea. She showed off some of her newest wire nail creations on the salon’s Instagram page.

To create the look, Park uses tweezers to bend very thin gold wires into abstract shapes, then sticks them onto nails using gel. Then, she cures the nails under a UV light and seals everything in with a clear top coat.

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Park drew inspiration for her wire nails from the interconnected lettering on neon signs.

“The way you use one long wire and bend it to create and connect the letters really attracted me,” she told TODAY.

Some of her designs feature metallic miniature sculptures pressed onto the nail’s surface, while others playfully hint at the outline of a more traditional manicure.

Others are even more minimalist with subtly edgy "cuticle cuffs."

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According to Park, wire nails are just another type of metallic accessory that people can wear on their hands, like rings.

And a wire manicure can last about three weeks, she says, as long as you use strong gel.

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Unlike other recent 3-D nail art trends, like succulent nails or fur nails, Park’s wire manicures actually seem wearable. This could be one of our favorite nail trends of 2017!