Willie, Al or Jason: Who has the best stubble?


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A recent study found that women are more attracted to men with heavy stubble.

TODAY decided to see what smooth-shaven Willie, Al and Jason would look like with stubble, and the reviews were mixed from the anchors during the Take Three segment on Wednesday. Clooney, Gosling and Affleck, they are not.

"That's like a porn beard,'' Willie said about his stubble. "No one wants to see that."

"That is creepy,'' Jason said about his simulated stubble.

Al's fake stubble picture drew a flattering comparison from Tamron Hall.

"You look like Denzel!" she said.

"Denzel Washington just jumped off a building,'' Al replied.

Al said he did have a beard at one point on TODAY because he was not allowed to shave after having knee surgery for fear of infection. Comparing the stubble of all three together on Wednesday, Al reached a simple conclusion: "We look skeevy."

When it comes to our male anchors, who do you think has the best stubble? Is it Willie, Al or Jason? Vote in survey below.