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Will your love pass the test of time? Makeup project 'ages' couples by 50 years

Makeup artist Stephanie Nadia, from Brooklyn, New York, "aged" three couples by 50 years, using eye pencils and cream foundations.
/ Source: TODAY

Most people have no idea what they — or their partner — will look like half a century from now, but thanks to some expertly applied makeup and wigs, a few couples got a chance to see just that.

Makeup artist Stephanie Nadia, from Brooklyn, New York, "aged" three couples by 50 years, using eye pencils and cream foundations, and then posted a video of their incredible transformations on YouTube.

A couple's aging transformationStephanie Nadia

"There was this moment where they realized, wow, this is what my partner is going to look like 50 years down the road," Nadia told TODAY.

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For the couples who participated (all Nadia's friends), it was more than a fun project; it was a way for them to get a glimpse of their future, she said.

"[They saw] not only what they'll look like older, but what the person they love will look like," she said. "There was a lot of laughter, a lot of shock and a lot of 'Oh my Gods.'"

The couples, two of whom are married and one engaged, didn't see each other or themselves until the video was filmed.

With no more than cream foundation and eye pencils, Stephanie Nadia aged the couples by half a century.Stephanie Nadia

For Stephanie Lopez, her reaction was proof that she'll love her husband just as much no matter his age.

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"He looked awesome," Lopez told TODAY of her husband Adrian's grandfatherly look. "We were encouraged to continue growing old together. It shows what you truly think of each other in a way. I saw him and was like, this is what we're going to look like. This is what we're going to be like."

Her husband had the same sweet reaction.

It took two hours for Nadia to transform each person.Stephanie Nadia

"He was the one who actually said, 'I'll love you more in the future!'" Lopez said, laughing.

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The video, posted on Nadia's YouTube page, shows the other couples laughing and hugging after their transformations are revealed.

One couple's finished transformationsStephanie Nadia

"Will you still love each other when you're older?" Nadia asks from behind the camera — to which each couple happily reports "yes."

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"When they looked at each other, it was just overwhelming," Nadia said. "Even for me, I stayed pretty focused while working on each individual, but there were moments I caught myself and I stepped back from the work I was doing. I got a glimpse of what my friends will look like older, and I was almost getting shocked in the process."

The artist, Stephanie NadiaStephanie Nadia.

Each transformation took about two hours, and each couple's photo shoot took an entire day, Nadia said, with her husband helping behind the scenes. She'd only done the aging technique once before, on herself, in another YouTube video called "Timeless Beauty."

As a makeup artist, her goal is to pursue outside-the-box projects like this one, work that "appeals to our emotions" and focuses on "stories about humanity," she said.