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Why is this coat going viral around the world?

This blue-and-white coat from Zara may be the most famous jacket in the world.
/ Source: TODAY

When London-based lifestyle blogger Alice Bray saw another woman wearing the same Zara coat that she had on, she didn’t think much of it.

But then, Bray spotted another woman wearing the coat. And another. And another. Suddenly, it seemed like the chic printed jacket was everywhere she turned — on the street, in cafes and in trains, worn by women of all ages.

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“Usually I tend to notice when [Zara] clothes go viral — that navy blue coat with the gold studs on the arms that was EVERYWHERE one winter,” Bray wrote on her blog. “But this has sneakily slipped by me — an elegant, blue and white pattern, Chanel-esque, worn by women of all ages. So tidy and neat and obvious, your mother and daughter almost definitely both have one.”

The versatile coat has an effortless elegance and can be dressed up or down.

Bray was so tickled by the coat’s popularity that, with the help of her sister, Emily Bray, she set up an Instagram page devoted to the ubiquitous jacket.

She called it @ThatCoat and invited people from around the world to submit photos of their own coat sightings.

Candid shots of women out and about in That Coat poured in from around Britain, the U.S., France, Poland, Argentina, and several other countries.

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The classic jacket was even spotted on Margarita Zavala, a politician and the former first lady of Mexico:

“It’s as though they are in a secret club,” Bray joked about all the women spotted wearing the stylish piece of outerwear.

If you fancy owning the now-famous coat, you'll have to try your luck in a Zara store; the jacket, which retails for $149, is currently sold out on Zara’s website.

Have you spotted anyone wearing That Coat?