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/ Source: TODAY
By Brittany Loggins

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Spring has almost sprung in New York City, and that means it's time to give two women fresh new looks!

As always, Louis Licari of the Licari Cutler salon and the TODAY Style Squad's Jill Martin were up to the task of choosing two lucky ladies for Ambush Makeovers.

Julie Hanson

Julie Hanson's daughter said she'd never seen her mother with a different look. Well, Hanson got a different look on Thursday morning!TODAY

Julie Hanson, 60, is visiting New York from St. Paul, Minnesota, with her husband, Tim, and daughter Tina. They all came to cheer on the University of Minnesota in the Big Ten basketball tournament.

While Hanson was gorgeous going into her makeover, her daughter said Hanson had been rocking the same look for a while. "It'll be really exciting to see what happens!" Tina said.

They were pleasantly surprised!TODAY

Both of Hanson's family members were absolutely surprised and delighted by the new look!

Hanson looks stunning!TODAY

Licari softened Hanson's color just a tad, explaining that "small changes make big differences." Martin decked her out in a deep purple jacket from Clara Sunwoo, plus sleek black pants and shoes from Talbots.

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Nancy LaFavev

After spending lots of time taking care of her grandchildren, LaFavev is excited to get some time to be pampered.TODAY

Believe it or not, Nancy LaFavev is a 60-year-old grandmother of 12! She's visiting from Manton, Michigan, with her sister and friend.

LaFavev explained that she'd had her long hair for years. She was clearly excited to get an update.


LaFavev was absolutely shocked by her transformation. She even exclaimed, "Who is that person?!"

We're sure LaFavev's grandchildren will love her new look as much as we do!TODAY

Licari said LaFavev's hair was a little over-highlighted, so he tweaked the color. The Ambush team also took off a few inches in length.

For the outfit, Martin went with a top from Clara Sunwoo's latest collection and NYDJ jeans.

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