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Which nail polish matches this shoe? Weigh in on the Internet debate

/ Source: TODAY

If your head is still spinning from the gold-and-white dress that turned out to be black and blue (or was it?), then you may not be ready for this.

The Internet has a new color-confusing photo that's sparking debate. Which of these two nail polishes match the shoe?

That innocent-enough pic has been retweeted thousands of times and argued about just as much. It even sparked some debate on TODAY Friday.

"I think it's the one on the left," said Matt Lauer.

"I think it's the pink on the right," Hoda Kotb responded.

"I see pink on the right, put if you cover it up, I see the purple," Natalie Morales reasoned before offering up a great point. "Bottom line: I would never match my nail polish to my shoes."

Still, some believe there's no reason to argue at all, because they've solved the mystery: Neither polish matches the shoe.

So there you go!

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