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When bros become bridesmaids: We're loving this all-male wedding party

Rebeca Abrantes, 24, chose her five best guy friends to be her bridesmaids on her big day.
/ Source: TODAY

Choosing bridesmaids comes more easily for some brides than others.

For 24-year-old Rebeca Abrantes of Minas Gerais, Brazil, it was made all the more difficult by the fact that her school's engineering program consisted almost exclusively of men.

Male bridesmaids
The boys were really excited to support their friend on her big day!Fernando Duque

While Abrantes was definitely good friends with the guys in her classes, she wasn’t sure how they would feel about standing next to her on her big day. But, as it turns out, they were thrilled!

“My hairdresser and makeup artist wanted to do a test drive,” Abrantes told TODAY. “They (the guys) were like, ‘We want to come with you and we want to wear pink robes for photos!’”

Bros as bridesmaids
These boys really know how to kick back and relax.Fernando Duque

Abrantes loved, not only how supportive they were, but how excited they were to participate in what was sure to be a very girly event.

“So I got together with the guys,” said Abrantes. “We laughed and had so much fun.”

That is very apparent from the pictures.

Bros as bridesmaids
Clearly, the boys embraced all aspects of the day.Fernando Duque

The guys looked like they were enjoying the day so much that we may even prefer them to a traditional bridal party.

Oh, and how did her husband, 32-year-old Renato Sinohara, feel about this arrangement?

Wedding bros as bridesmaids
One thing is for sure: This couple's happiness is contagious.Fernando Duque

“He thought the idea of the photo shoot was very funny,” said Abrantes, noting that he's also friends with the guys.

During the big day, however, Abrantes adhered to Brazilian tradition and had only her family standing at the altar with her.

Bros as bridesmaids wedding photos
"We all had so much fun together," said Abrantes of her wedding day.Fernando Duque

“The boys wore their formal dress,” said Abrantes. “We all had so much fun together.”

We’re willing to bet that we had almost as much fun looking at the photos.


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