What I Wore TODAY: Lisa Vanderpump

NBC / Today

"Vanderpump Rules" star and Real Housewife of Beverly Hills Lisa Vanderpump joined Kathie Lee and Hoda on Monday to chat about the new season of her show, but not before swinging by the Orange Room to dish on her "figure-hugging" dress.

"I have on no underwear, but I have on a HUGE pair of spanks," Vanderpump, 53, joked. "They're my life-saver, holding all those things in."

Vanderpump said the key to her outfit Monday was the balance between sexy and affordable. 

"Nicole Miller does an excellent job of doing that figure-hugging sexy dress that's not so expensive," Vanderpump told

She also cited a handful of iconic designers as the main influence on her overall look.

"I love Dolce and Gabanna. I would love them to dress me, apart from when they go too peasanty. But I love the silhouettes," Vanderpump said. "I also love Alexander McQueen, they have very good tailored stuff."

Did you like what Vanderpump, 53, was wearing? Here are the details:

  • Nicole Miller dress
  • Giuseppe Zanotti shoes
  • Cartier watch