What I Wore TODAY: Karolina Kurkova

Rebecca Davis / Today

Supermodel Karolina Kurkova stopped by TODAY Tuesday morning to chat with Kathie Lee and Hoda about the season finale of Oxygen's "The Face."

Kurkova is a judge on the modeling competition show, and true to her supermodel roots, she dressed the part. Did you like her outfit? Kathie Lee and Hoda certainly did. Here's what she was wearing:

  • Cavalli top and blazer
  • Ruthie Davis "Captiva" pumps in "Blush"
  • Marissa Webb leather pants
  • Bijules and Jennifer Fisher rings

Kurkova says the biggest influence behind her look is her mother. "My mom is very stylish. She would make a lot of her clothes at home, for herself and for us," she said. "She was very elegant and classic and chic."

While Kurkova said fashion influences are important, she tries to avoid getting too hooked on one particular look.

"I try to really change it up. I like to have fun and see how I'm feeling, where I am, the weather outside and the surroundings," she said. "For me, I have fun with fashion. Clothing is an expression of how I feel, so I never wear the same thing."

Rebecca Davis / Today