What I Wore TODAY: Julia Stiles


Stylish guests are discussing their outfits and fashion inspiration for the series What I wore TODAY.

While she plays a mom-by-day, escort-by-night in her Web series "Blue," actress Julia Stiles was fully clothed and classy as always for her TODAY appearance Monday morning.

Did you like what the Emmy and Golden Globe nominee was wearing? Here are the details:

  • Joan and David shoes
  • Theory pants
  • Christina K. Pierce blouse
  • Snake-style earrings (designer unknown)

"I love designer vintage," Stiles told " I love going into high-end vintage stores and picking out special pieces that have kind of a history to them."

Stiles said the clothing she wears on-screen is just as important as what she wears in her personal life.

"Clothing expresses so much about someone's personality and how they're trying to present themselves to the world," Stiles said. "I became an actress because I love playing dress-up."