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What I Wore TODAY: Jennifer Nettles

Peter Kramer / Today

Country star Jennifer Nettles stopped by TODAY on Tuesday to perform songs from her upcoming debut solo album, titled "That Girl," but not before stopping by the Orange Room to let us know who was behind her chic ensemble. 

Did you like Nettles' outfit? Here's what she was wearing:

  • Koomi dress
  • Fendi boots
  • Valentino bracelet 

Nettles, 39, said her look strayed from her typical style, but that she likes to mix things up from time to time. 

"This is a little bit different for me. It's a little more mod and not as bohemian as I sometimes go, but I also like to experiment in that way," Nettles told TODAY.com. "As long as it has a good fit, I'm open. I think the cut is everything."

Nettles said the key to her wardrobe is combining affordable items alongside designer pieces. 

"I like mixing highs and lows — especially in everyday life," Nettles said. "I love doing a good vintage piece with a higher-end designer."