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What is 'grandmillennial' style? Why young people are embracing granny chic

The 'grandmillennial' style sees young adults embracing the granny chic look of their mothers and grandmothers.
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/ Source: TODAY

What’s old is definitely new again: The lastest fashion trend for millennials is combing through their mothers’ and grandmothers’ closets for style inspiration.

The popular look is called “granny chic” or “grandmillennial” style, and it involves donning vintage-style pieces, like crochet sweaters and eyeglass chains.

Grandmillennial Style
Eyeglass chains are the hot new thing among millennials embracing the granny chic style.Etsy

“Millennials are saying goodbye to minimalism and looking to express their personal style with unique, standout pieces, so it only makes sense that ‘granny chic’ accessories, which are filled with character and charm, are on the rise,” Etsy trend expert, Dayna Isom Johnson, told TODAY Style.

The e-commerce site has reported an uptick in searches for these kinds of styles, especially for heirloom-inspired jewelry.

In the last six months, they’ve seen searches increase for things like women’s brooches (48%), glasses chains (39%), vintage clip earrings (19%) and lockets (14%), according to the company.

Grandmillennial Style
Vintage earrings are growing in popularity, according to Etsy.Etsy

“In addition to search increases on Etsy, I’ve also been seeing the grandmillennial trend taking over everywhere from designer runway shows to street style,” Isom Johnson said.

Sammy Davis, 33, has long been a fan of the style. “Being a classic millennial myself, I've witnessed first-hand how vintage style in general has gone from ‘blegh’ to ‘beautiful’ since I started wearing vintage pieces and dressing a bit like ‘Grease’ in high school,” she said.

Grandmillennial Style
Sammy Davis rocks the grandmillennial style while sitting in her grandmother's home.Courtesy of Sammy Davis

Today, Davis leads thrift and vintage store shopping tours in NYC through her company NYC Bargain Thrift Store Tours. “Sometimes my guests are as young as 12 years old, and they are seeking out vintage pieces only,” she added.

So what could be sparking the trend? Davis said that many are inspired by digital media influencers from YouTube, TikTok and Instagram. There’s also the sustainability issue, as more and more Hollywood celebs like Billie Eilish promote supporting the environment.

Grandmillennial Style
The grandmillennial style embraces modesty, Davis explained.Courtesy of Sammy Davis

Davis said she follows a 27-year-old on Instagram who just picked up crocheting. “It's been wild watching her teach herself how to crotchet, find yarn, make sweaters, scarves and mittens,” she said.

Crocheting is just one aspect of the grandmillennial lifestyle, which encompasses style, home decor and hobbies. It’s a desire to live a slower, more mindful, more modest life, Davis explained.

“Every grandmillennial takes to this trend differently,” she continued. “But across the board, millennials are tossing their skinny jeans and leggings for a ladylike look, choosing modest styles, vintage-inspired pieces and desiring a more conscious wardrobe that impacts the environment less.”