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What color is Dylan's dress? TODAY fans battle over whether it's green or blue

For some, Dylan Dreyer's dress on Thursday was green, while others insisted it was blue. And on Super Bowl week, these particular colors matter.
/ Source: TODAY

Breaking news: Dylan Dreyer is wearing a blue dress on TODAY Thursday.

Or ... maybe it's green!

Dylan's dress
Some see blue, some see green and a lot of folks are seeing red in the debate over Dylan Dreyer's dress color.Nathan Congleton / TODAY

This particular confusion caused a fracas among fans, because as Super Bowl 52 approaches, colors matter. Blue signals you're a New England Patriots fan; green, a Philadelphia Eagles supporter.

And we all know which way Dylan leans:

So wearing a blue dress would make sense.

But to many, including fellow TODAY anchor Savannah Guthrie, that dress is clearly green.

Hmm, is there such a thing as fashion gaslighting? (We all know Savannah flaps her arms for the Eagles.)

Dress and accessory color debates have been a thing in recent years on the internet. Dylan even kicked up a conversation by comparing her dress color to a tin of Vaseline.

Twitter fans sided with "blue," with 85 percent going for #bluedress and 15 percent with #greendress in a hashtag battle.

And some viewers had more than that to say:

For her part, Dylan was not going to admit to going green:

Asked directly on the show Dylan noted, "When it was brought to my attention, I realized I might be wearing Eagles green."

The debate rages on! Stay tuned as we update this important developing story throughout the morning.

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