What color is Dylan's dress? TODAY fans battle over whether it's green or blue

/ Source: TODAY

Breaking news: Dylan Dreyer is wearing a blue dress on TODAY Thursday.

Or ... maybe it's green!

Some see blue, some see green and a lot of folks are seeing red in the debate over Dylan Dreyer's dress color.Nathan Congleton / TODAY

This particular confusion caused a fracas among fans, because as Super Bowl 52 approaches, colors matter. Blue signals you're a New England Patriots fan; green, a Philadelphia Eagles supporter.

And we all know which way Dylan leans:

So wearing a blue dress would make sense.

But to many, including fellow TODAY anchor Savannah Guthrie, that dress is clearly green.

Hmm, is there such a thing as fashion gaslighting? (We all know Savannah flaps her arms for the Eagles.)

Dress and accessory color debates have been a thing in recent years on the internet. Dylan even kicked up a conversation by comparing her dress color to a tin of Vaseline.

Twitter fans sided with "blue," with 85 percent going for #bluedress and 15 percent with #greendress in a hashtag battle.

And some viewers had more than that to say:

For her part, Dylan was not going to admit to going green:

Asked directly on the show Dylan noted, "When it was brought to my attention, I realized I might be wearing Eagles green."

The debate rages on! Stay tuned as we update this important developing story throughout the morning.

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