This wedding invitation says everything you can't...but wish you could

Courtesy Happy Place / Today
Funny Wedding RSVP: What You Want to Say

If you're like most brides, you fretted over the perfect, etiquette-adherent wording to your wedding invitation. You put the names in the correct order and warmly requested the pleasure or honor of all your loved ones' presence. But we bet there were a few other things you wished you could have said on your cordial RSVP cards. Things like: Hey, potential guests: Don't you dare say you're coming and then fail to show up. Or bring a date without asking. Or hook up with a groomsman in the bathroom and then spend the rest of the evening crying at the bar without any explanation. Which is precisely why we love this hilariously imagined RSVP at Happy Place so much. It covers all the things every bride wants to say, but can't.


Tell us: What’s the biggest faux pas a guest at your wedding committed.

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