This wedding day manicure is perfectly subtle, yet special

/ Source: TODAY

You've found the one, picked a day, ordered a dress, hired a photographer, sent out invitations and planned a full day's worth (or weekend's worth) celebration of your love. After all that, it's understandable that you want picture-perfect nails for the big day!

If you're hoping for something more special than a basic manicure on your wedding day, this pearl-encrusted design is the wedding day nail art for you.

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The experts at Paintbox showed us how to create an accent nail that will highlight your flawless new bling. Follow the steps below to get the look yourself!

W is for ... Wedding day nails

Samantha Okazaki / TODAY

1. Prep the nail and apply a base coat and primary color. Allow polish to dry.

2. Apply a large dot of top coat where you want the jewels to be placed.

3. Dip an orange wood stick in top coat or use pointed tweezers to pick up a jewel and press it lightly onnto the wet top coat on your nail. Repeat with other jewels and small pearls.

Pro tip: If the jewels are having a hard time sticking, try applying an extra bit of top coat where needed.

4. Apply a final layer of top coat over all the appliques and allow the polish to dry.