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By Kristin Granero

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Just when we thought we were set for the season, the megastore that brought us the ultimate slimming swimsuit and wear-to-anything maxi has piqued our interests once again with a certain maxi skirt that has developed a cult following among Amazon reviewers.

The Azules Women’s Rayon Maxi Skirt has a four-star rating and over 4,000 comments from Amazon users who’ve come to love it for its softness, versatility and variety.

Azules Women’s Rayon Maxi Skirt, $18, Amazon

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Intrigued, I decided to test-drive the latest Amazon viral sensation myself. After all, I typically appreciate a good separate to mix and match with the pieces I already own (i.e., making my wardrobe appear much bigger than it actually is), and who couldn’t use the help of a little spandex when still trying to burn off those pesky winter pounds?

It's really soft

The first thing I noticed when my skirt arrived in the mail is just how soft it is. Made of 95% rayon, it has that cozy jersey T-shirt feel, but with an almost silky-smooth finish.

The fabric is thin enough that it’s breathable, but thick enough that it still provides a good amount of coverage, so you shouldn't have to worry about transparency like I have with some other stretch skirts.

It's very comfortable

The skirt glided over my legs and appeared to fit like a glove on my 5-foot-4-inch frame (I ordered a medium as I normally do, and I found it allowed for some wiggle room).

Paired with a tank, it's the perfect summer staple.Courtesy of Kristin Granero

Not only is the stretch waistband comfy, but it is slimming, eliminating the need for any shapewear and creating a flat enough surface for layering, or even tucking in, your favorite tank or tee.

It’s pretty versatile

While I found the length worked perfectly with a pair of wedges or a block heel, it can also be cinched up to account for flats, or even folded and worn as a midi skirt.

The wide variety of colors had many reviewers noting that they planned to buy multiples. Scoop it up in one (or several) of 60 shades, including mustard, indigo blue, heather gray and eggplant, available in both regular and plus sizes. And did I mention it’s machine washable?

Since the material is light enough, you can also try folding one of the corners at the bottom to diversify a bit (and, er, throw off anyone who may have seen you wearing it a day or two before).

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