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'We gotta get married again!' Husband wowed by wife's gorgeous makeover

Our Ambush Makeover team pulled two deserving women from the TODAY Plaza and gave them beautiful new looks for the fall.
/ Source: TODAY

The Ambush Makeover team pulled two deserving women from the TODAY Plaza and set them up with fabulous fall looks. The results blew both their husbands away!

First up is Marianne Dill. After celebrating her 70th birthday in August, she is getting ready to celebrate her 50th wedding anniversary with her husband Bob.

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There's no better way to cap off a big year than with a brand new look! "This is the icing on the cake, this is great," Marianne told TODAY.

Bob was equally thrilled with the new look saying, "We've got to get married again."

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Celebrity hairstylist Louis Licari lightened up Marianne's locks with a flattering blonde hue and her new cut draws attention to her sparkling eyes.

TODAY contributor Jill Martin set Marianne up for the changing seasons with a tailored leather jacket and a great pair of jeans.

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Shelia Miller is up next. The 55 year-old church volunteer was surprised to be picked from the Plaza but excited to be pampered by the Ambush team!

Ambush Makeover. TODAY, September 8 2016.TODAY

"It's just going to be an amazing experience," Shelia told TODAY.

Shelia's husband Jules encouraged her to enjoy it saying, "I can't imagine her being any more beautiful but I'm thrilled she has this experience."

Jules was wowed by the results!


Louis chose a flattering cut with side swept bangs and added some dimension with golden blonde highlights. Jill chose a floral skirt with a pop of color to finish the look.

Congratulations to both beautiful ladies!