The watermelon dress is the coolest fashion trend of the summer

/ Source: TODAY

We all know why watermelon is such a great food. It's hydrating. It's a sweet summer treat. And it's...fashionable?

Well, now it is.

The #watermelondress has taken over Instagram and Twitter this summer. And no, we aren't talking dresses with watermelon prints (although those are definitely adorable, too).

Basically, the trend involves carving a slice of watermelon into the shape of a dress, strategically placing it in front of the subject of your photo and snapping a pic. If it's done right, the person in the picture looks like he or she is wearing the sweet, seeded fashion statement!

Men, women and babies alike have all tried their hand at the watermelon dress, and the results are equal parts hilarious and adorable. Check it out:

Fashionable and tasty? Yes, please! We'll take more of this fun and fruity trend!