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Watch TODAY Style's new 'Ready in a Snap' series!

Check out our new series: Ready in a Snap!
/ Source: TODAY

We all love to look put together — but some of us could use a few tips, tricks and shortcuts to get the job done. That's where "Ready in a Snap" can help! This new series from TODAY Style will help you look and feel your best ... without sacrificing your time, patience or day to do it.

How Elmer's glue will give you a perfect manicure:

Are you a mess when it comes to manicures? Trust us, we feel your pain. Getting a clean, professional-looking mani every time is as easy as grabbing a bottle of Elmer's glue. Learn more.

Clean your jewelry in an instant:

While you can shine silver manually, it takes muscle and time — and even removes some of the silver itself. Instead, use this simple trick with items you already have in you house. Learn more.

The easiest way to zip your own dress:

Nothing feels quite as frustrating as the struggle to zip the back of your own dress — but have no fear! Here's the easy solution so you can get back to your business. Learn more.

How to put a bracelet on by yourself:

Not to be overdramatic, but nothing says "we all die alone" quite like wrestling with the clasp on a bracelet. Well, pull yourself together — or rather, pull the ends of your bracelet together — with this simple trick. Learn more.

Is a ring stuck on your finger? Here's how to remove it painlessly:

Trying to remove a ring that just won't budge is incredibly frustrating to say the least, but now there's no need to let a swollen finger get you down! Learn more.

The secret to a foolproof French manicure is ...

Who knew that a simple rubber band would be the secret to frustration-free nail art? Learn more.

How to get temporary party nails:

Glitter polish is oh-so-fun, so it's a shame that the removal process is a nightmare. But what if you want to sport disco nails for just one special night? It's actually simple: just use Elmer's glue as a peel-off base coat! Learn more.

Measure your ring size once and for all:

Pop quiz: What's your ring size? If you answered "sort of big," "kind of small" or "umm ... I have no clue," then here's what you should do. Learn more.

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