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Watch this rare video of Elizabeth Taylor doing her own makeup

Elizabeth Taylor proves her movie star status in this glamorous video where she's shown applying makeup.
/ Source: TODAY

There are actresses and then there are movie stars. And while we can't always put our finger on exactly what separates the latter, Elizabeth Taylor is certainly one of them. And now, this rare video of the beloved star has been making the rounds on the internet.

This gem comes to us via Mario Dedivanovic, makeup artist for the likes of Allison Williams and Kim Kardashian (whatever your feelings toward the reality star, you must admit her makeup game is strong). It's a clip from the 1974 thriller "The Driver's Seat," meaning Taylor is in character — but the practiced conviction with which she does her eye makeup tells us that this is a glimmer of her in real life, too.

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We can't stop watching. And then watching again. Four more times. The word "hypnotic" springs to mind.

But, hey, at least we learned something! Five things, actually.

1. It's not about the equipment. "She did that eye in seconds with that tiny brush," wrote Dedivanovic in the caption. We're as guilty as anyone of getting sucked in by fancy brush fibers and the latest, greatest blending sponge. Clearly, a sound technique is so much more important.

2. Don't forget the lower lash line. True, this is a heavy look (which Taylor preferred, to accent her famously violet-hued eyes). But even if you're not extending the shadow all the way in, rimming the outer half of the lower lash line will make most eyes look larger and more defined.

3. ... or the crease. Eye shadow will bring in some color, but if you really want that mesmerizing, deep-set look, using a darker shade along the crease adds subtle dimension. See how Elizabeth does the crease, then the shadow, then the crease again? Using the same brush helps blend the two colors for a more cohesive look. Expert status.

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With two Academy Awards, eight marriages and a long history of AIDS activism, Elizabeth Taylor was a Hollywood icon.

4. Go blue. Cosmopolitan shared that according to legendary makeup artist, chemist and Gállány beauty founder, Ida Gàl-Csiszar, using an indigo shade helps eyeballs look extra white — making them appear luminous and well-rested. We'll take that any day.

5. Don't overthink it. There is a time for painstaking symmetry (liquid liner, anyone?) and a time for letting your muscle memory do the work instead of your brain. Elizabeth Taylor's casual swish at the outer corners could rival Nike's. She just does it.

All hail the legendary Elizabeth Taylor.