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Watch out! Bridal party reacts to photographer's close call with speeding car

A wedding photographer had a bridal party alternately horrified and confused as a car came speeding in her direction while she was taking a picture.
/ Source: TODAY

A photographer loves to see emotions from her subjects, but this wedding photographer got more than she bargained for.

As it turns out, standing too close to a speeding car can produce all sorts of reactions from a bridal party.

Leslie Hollingsworth, 44, was shooting the wedding of Peter Saab and Leah Juliano outside a church in Birmingham, Alabama, on Sept. 9 when she stepped off the curb to get a wider shot of the wedding party of with the couple.

She had only stepped into a parking space and not all the way into the street, but the bridal party reacted in equal parts horror, confusion and blissful ignorance as a car came speeding in Hollingsworth's direction, and it was all captured on camera.

"It was a car going way too fast,'' Hollingsworth told TODAY. "Obviously I knew what happened because everybody kind of freaked out."

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Hollingsworth was not in any danger because the father of the bride was behind her watching the street as the car flew by. Since she shot the picture on film, she didn't realize until she got it developed two weeks later that she had a hilarious shot of multiple reactions from the bridal party.

"It's just hysterical,'' Hollingsworth said. "The couple loved it and the wedding party was just dying laughing at their reactions."

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Hollingsworth shared it on her Facebook page, with many laughing about the horrified looks of some bridesmaids and the quizzical looks from some of the groomsmen.

The best may be Saab and Juliano, who didn't seem to notice a thing in their wedded bliss.

"They're completely unfazed (in the photo),'' she said. "They were totally in the zone, which is hysterical, and meanwhile the guys are like, 'What just happened?'''

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