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Watch as one couple hilariously tries on 100 layers of clothing

The latest extreme challenge trend is piling on 100 layers of clothes. See what happens!
/ Source: TODAY

You layer up like a champ when that extra sweater just won't fit inside the carry-on bag, but could you conquer this latest extreme challenge?

Like recent viral videos, where beauty experts cake on layer upon layer of foundation or pile on a multicolored mountain of nail polish, this silly idea starts with an everyday task and takes it to the next level. Why? Because it's fun!

100 layers of clothing
De'arra & Ken 4 Life / YouTube

The latest team to attempt the challenge is De’arra Taylor and Ken Walker, who are known by their 1.3 million fans on YouTube as De’arra & Ken 4 Life. What begins as a goofy experiment quickly turns stressful as they’re swallowed up by piles of fabric. One thing is for sure: You won’t be able to look away.

They start by showing us the mountain of clothes they’ve prepped and it looks pretty daunting. It's hard to imagine that the equivalent of three week’s worth of laundry for a family of five could ever fit on one body.

Their first 10 layers pile on somewhat smoothly. Walker even jokes around and flexes through the extra fabric to show off his beefed-up silhouette.

100 layers of clothing
De'arra & Ken 4 Life / YouTube

But the mood quickly changes. Once they hit 20 layers, this couple seems to have hit a painful epiphany as they look at each other and realize there's still 80 layers left to go. Taylor groans, “Twenty man, only 20!”

Around layer 26, things begin to spiral and we hear a big rip as Taylor pulls up some pink tights. Oops! As the fabric builds up on their bodies, these two are clearly struggling. Their faces are pained and their limbs are so stiff that it’s difficult to reach down for more clothes. They’re even having trouble breathing. Eek!

By now, their bodies are so overstuffed that they’re waddling around like chubby babies and have to help each other pull more clothing over the bulk. They’re so padded that when Walker jokingly taps Taylor while she’s bending over, she loses her balance, keels over and probably doesn’t feel a thing. “Can you bend your knees?” he asks as he helps her up.

100 layers of clothing
De'arra & Ken 4 Life / YouTube

Only a third of the way to their goal, the challenge starts to feel a little scary (Fair warning: If you tend to feel claustrophobic, you should bail at this point). Taylor and Walker both mention bad circulation and they look downright hot and miserable. By the time they manage to wiggle into 50 layers each, they’re clearly exhausted and can no longer move their limbs. However, they do manage to share a cute kiss to celebrate making it halfway to the finish line. Let’s go ahead and give them a combined score of 100 and call it a win.

Watch their whole adventure below.

What we didn’t see: The (likely) painful process of getting all that fabric off their bodies. We wonder if these two considered breaking out the scissors!