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Watch the Ambush Makeover that had one daughter amazed: 'It looks so good!'

It was a muggy day on the TODAY plaza, but that didn't stop the Ambush team from performing some makeover miracles!
/ Source: TODAY

It was a muggy day on the TODAY plaza, but that didn't stop the Ambush team from performing some makeover miracles!

First up: Sharon Sivalenka, who is visiting New York with her daughter, Star. The two are celebrating Star's graduation and are from Wauwatosa, Wisconsin!

She's ready for the makeover of a lifetime!TODAY

Sivalenka loves to travel, but when it comes to her hair, she's a little more reserved. She hasn't changed her long hair in more than 35 years.

Sivalenka's daughter brought a sign to our plaza reading, "My mom needs a makeover desperately!" Sivalenka, who's been with her husband Sam for more than 20 years, is finally ready for a major hair change!

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"You two look like sisters!" exclaimed Regis Philbin. The bigger shock came from Sivalenka's daughter, who could not believe her mother's transformation. "Wow, oh my gosh, it looks so good!" she said.

Like mother like daughter: Sivalenka couldn't believe her reflection either!

What a stunning transformation!TODAY

The stunning transformation was achieved with the help of style expert Jill Martin, who helped Sivalenka chose a beautiful black lace dress by Maggie London. Hair-colorist extraordinaire Louis Licari deepened the color to give more contrast to her skin tone and add warmth.

Martinez was accompanied by her husband.TODAY

Next up is Jennifer Martinez, a first-grade teacher from Colorado Springs, Colorado, who is ready for her Ambush Makeover!

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Martinez never wears makeup and cuts her own bangs. She loves to ski with her family during the winter and is happily married to her husband, Terry, who's a principal.


"Holy sh-moly! You look remarkable," said Terry, who couldn't believe his wife's transformation. Martinez hardly recognized her own new reflection; she was speechless!

Martinez is rocking this adorable bob.TODAY

Martinez received a dramatic bob haircut with a beautiful warm, strawberry blonde color. Martin gave her a work-casual look with a bright top and jeans from White House Black Market.

See you next week for some more incredible makeovers from our Ambush team!