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Waitress responds after customer's cruel comment about her makeup

The aspiring makeup artist was hurt when she read the note two teens left on their receipt: "Here's a tip: Contour is supposed to blend."
/ Source: TODAY

Bad tippers are the worst, but customers who refuse to tip and leave a nasty note? Not cool.

Yet that's exactly what one woman said happened to her last week at the southern Indiana pizza parlour where she works as a server. Kelsi, an aspiring makeup artist, was especially disheartened when she read the note her customers had written on the receipt they left behind: "Here's a tip: Contour is supposed to blend."

"My heart kind of dropped for a second," said Kelsi, who shares her makeup looks on Instagram and asked that TODAY Style withhold her last name. "I had really bad body image issues and for a long time I didn't feel like I was good enough. ... All those thoughts zoomed back in my head."

"A second later, I thought, you know what, I spent a lot of time doing my makeup today. Who are they to say that my contour is messed up, or that my makeup doesn't look good?" she continued. "Because I know it looks good, and it looks good to me."

Kelsi shared a photo of her makeup that day on Instagram, along with a snapshot of the receipt the customers left. And we agree: Her makeup looks pretty flawless.

In her post, which has since gone viral, she explained that the customers were two teenage girls who seemed happy with the service at first.

"They were super friendly and nice," she told TODAY. "I even talked to (one of) the girls about her eyeliner for a minute. I love makeup, so if you have bomb makeup, I tell you you have bomb makeup."

But when the check came, they said they didn't have enough money to pay the bill and demanded to speak to a manager, Kelsi said. The manager confirmed the check was correct, and the girls eventually paid — but not without writing a note on the receipt dissing Kelsi's makeup, and declining to tip. (An employee at the restaurant confirmed Kelsi's story to TODAY over the phone but declined to comment further.)

Since sharing her post, Kelsi's account has been flooded with fans complimenting her makeup skills. She sees it as a silver lining.

"It's good to know that something besides rudeness has come out of this," she said.

She also has a tip for any other women who might be questioning their own contouring skills: "You do your makeup the way you like it, and don't let anyone get you down."