After 25 years together, this couple says yes

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Viral Video: After 25 Years Together, Couple Weds

After 25 years together, including a move from the UK, and starting their own successful business, Brian and Paul finally make it legal in a sweet ceremony.

The two had already planned an anniversary party (and sent out invitations!) when gay marriage was made legal in New York state—and in a twist of kismet, the day the law was put into place was also the same day as their party. 

They waited a long time to stand up in front of their family and friends and say their vows. And they really made it count, with Paul saying "For 25 years you have been my best friend. With great joy, I have made you happy. With great remorse, I have made you sad. Through all of this, I have never faltered in believing there is only you in my life."

Watch the video shared by the Freedom to Marry Project and see what love looks like.

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