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Viktor and Rolf's Spring/Summer 2019 slogan dresses have a lot to say

The designer brand's new collection expresses all our inner thoughts.
Runway show
Now that's a statement dress.AP
/ Source: TODAY

It's official: Viktor & Rolf truly gets us.

The fashion house just sent the most expressive collection of dresses down the runway at Paris Fashion Week on Wednesday and we can't stop staring.

The sassy Spring/Summer 2019 collection certainly gives new meaning to the phrase "wear your heart on your sleeve," and features a slew of meme-worthy poofy tulle gowns.

Runway show
These gowns are true statement makers.AP

The daring dresses are each unique in their own way, but they've got one major thing in common: they all feature brutally honest messages.

Runway show
Having a picture of this dress feels ... wrong.Shutterstock

From snarky phrases like "I'm not shy, I just don't like you" to "Leave me alone," these couture masterpieces certainly speak for themselves.

Runway show
No mixed messages here!AP

Basically, Viktor & Rolf designers have created statement gowns for all of your inner sarcastic thoughts.

Short and sweet, but so true.AP

And all of those witty quips that often come to your mind.

Runway show
It's time to read the writing on the wall - err, dress.Shutterstock

This model spoke to our inner homebody with a ruffled purple dress that read "Sorry I'm late, I didn't want to come."

You took the words right out of our mouths. Shutterstock

While this green gown stole the show with a message that read, "I am my own muse."

Slogan ballgowns Viktor & Rolf
A model wears a creation for the Viktor & Rolf Spring/Summer 2019 on Jan. 23.AP

Some models strutted down the runway in gowns with pretty optimistic messages like, "I want a better world."

Viktor and Rolf slogan gowns
This model's message was pretty hopeful.AP

Or ironic phrases like, "Trust me, I'm a liar."

Runway show
Can't you just feel the irony?AP

Social media users are definitely having a fun time with these statement makers on Twitter.

And many people are feeling pretty inspired by the bold looks.

We're not surprised the new collection resonates with so many Twitter users.

Our only problem now is deciding which one of these dresses is our favorite!