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Victoria's Secret sparks outrage with ad campaign marketing lingerie as office wear

A new collection from Victoria's Secret aims to give your underwear a starring role in your workplace attire.
/ Source: TODAY

A flash of lace here, a bra strap there — it's not unheard of for a peek of private lingerie to make an appearance in an otherwise public outfit. But how far is too far?

Victoria's Secret is finding out the hard way, after the brand's recent ad campaign promoting a more high-profile role for your underwear has sparked a passionate reaction online.

In recent weeks, the retailer has promoted an "inside out" fashion collection that focuses on "lingerie looks you can work into your real-life wardrobe."

"No thanks Victoria's Secret," one person wrote in response to a bralette-baring street pic. "I'll know, actual clothes when I want to go out in public. This must be a man's idea in your leadership team. What's next, walking around in our panties?"

The angry remarks continued.

One commenter asked, "Why would you try to make this a trend so dumb!?"

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Another worried that "teens will think this is ok now." And one even dubbed it "'How to get fired' by Victoria Secret."

But not everyone is seeing red about seeing more lingerie. Several men chimed into the conversation to celebrate the idea, and some women defended it, too.

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"You don't actually wear it outside like in the picture people," one woman wrote. "You show off the back or the sides but not the front. Don't take it too literally!"

Victoria's Secret has yet to respond to the backlash, but on its website the brand touts the collection as "The New (Un)Dress Code" — and photos of the items in action do seem to suggest that these under-over looks are meant to be literal.

Maybe it's just the air conditioning in our office, but we'll stick to keeping our underwear under wraps.

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