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The minimalist nail art that any rookie can re-create

This look features a vertical stripe down the center of the nail for a look that can reflect any mood depending on the colors you choose!
/ Source: TODAY

It's easy to be overwhelmed by some of the crazy nail art on the internet (ahem, we're looking at you succulent nails), but there are also subtle design options that can easily elevate a classic manicure without looking like you've fallen into a trend trap.

Case in point: This manicure features a simple, vertical stripe down the center of the nail for a look that can read minimalist, nautical, glamorous or really any other mood depending on the colors you choose.

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The experts at Paintbox helped show us how to create this gorgeous manicure. Check out the steps below to get the look yourself!

V is for ... Vertical stripes

Samantha Okazaki / TODAY

1. Prep the nail and apply a base coat and primary color. Allow the polish to dry.

2. Dip a size 0 or size 1 liner brush in the accent polish color and stripe swiftly down the nail.

Pro tip: Working too slowly will make the lines wobbly. Work a bit quicker than you normally would and you'll end up with a smooth line!

3. Allow the polish to dry thoroughly to prevent smearing.

4. Apply top coat as you normally would.