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Upside-down jeans are a thing and, no, we don't understand it either

They're inspired by "Stranger Things."
These upside down jeans have been raising a lot of questions.
/ Source: TODAY

But … why?

That’s the question many people are asking about the latest weird denim trend: upside-down jeans.

These new denim shorts and pants from New York City-based vintage retailer CIE Denim are basically classic jeans in reverse — with the waistband, belt loops and pockets where the cuffs should be.

Most styles have a hidden metal hook closure on top.
Most styles have a hidden metal hook closure on

There’s just a raw hem where the waistband would normally be — but at least there’s a right-side-up zipper and working pockets?


According to CIE’s website, each pair is a one-of-a-kind piece made by hand from vintage denim. And they come in different styles named after main characters from Netflix’s “Stranger Things.”

There’s a light-wash pair of shorts called "Nancy" and some medium-wash shorts named after "El."

The "Nancy"
The "Nancy"

And in the full-length jeans department, there’s "Will," "Mike" and "Lucas."

The "Will"
The "Will"

There was even one limited-edition pair of "Barb" capris available on CIE Denim's Instagram page back in May.

The designers are at least having fun with the "Stranger Things" theme, but the price is no joke. The shorts cost $385, while the full jeans come in at $500.

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People on social media have been, to say the least, intrigued by these inverse pants. Some people are all for the quirky style.

"I’m so obsessed with these JEANS. Killing it," one user wrote on CIE Denim's Instagram page.

"How can you buy this beauty?" another fan wanted to know about a pair of upside-down "Lucas" jeans.

But others are saying it’s a trend best left deep in the show's Upside Down.

As far as crazy denim trends go, this one may not be quite as bonkers as the infamous clear-panel mom jeans or Nordstrom’s mud-covered jeans, but they are pretty out there.

Still, to each her own. And with all the people genuinely eager to try out these upside-down jeans, maybe the real question is … why not?