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Two sets of identical twins marry in India, with twin priests and twin flower girls

At a recent wedding in Kerala, India, these twins doubled down. And tripled. And quadrupled.
/ Source: TODAY

Twins marrying twins? OK, that's maybe not as unusual in this day and age as once it was.

But at a recent wedding in Kerala, India, let's just say these twins... doubled down. And tripled. And quadrupled.

Not only did two identical twins marry two identical twins (Dilraj and Dilkar paired with Reema and Reena), but they were also married by twin priests Reji and Roji.

But wait, there's more: The flower girls and page boys (like ring bearers in the U.S.) were also identical twins. And everybody dressed alike!

No one could be blamed for looking at a photo of the assembled wedding party and thinking they'd drunk too much spiked punch. After all, you're seeing double!

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All in all, according to The Daily Mail, seven sets of twins were at the wedding. The article noted that the Varikkassery brothers took five years to find their perfect brides, with the only requirement being that they be identical as well.

"When we met Reena and Reema, we knew it was them we were looking for all this while. Fortunately, they also had the similar feeling after meeting us," said Dilraj.

"We had to keep searching the suitable boys for three years in a row. When we saw Dilraj and Dilkar we nodded ‘yes’ to each other. It was a wonderful experience," added Reena.

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The union of twins to twins has a name: "quaternary marriages." Oh, and one other bit of trivia: Their children will be siblings, genetically speaking.

Sadly, there was one disappointment with the day.

Noted Dilraj, "'In our twins get-together [group], usually there will around 10 to 12 sets of twins, but I could arrange only seven twins for my wedding."

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