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Why some teens are wearing silly outfits for the first day of school

Teens are leaving their first day outfits in the hands of friends and strangers. Find out why!
/ Source: TODAY

Would your teen voluntarily wear old-school mom jeans and a baggy "dad shirt" on the first day of school? Don’t rule it out just yet. These days, it’s all about the retweets.

The new trend on Twitter is having students leave their first day outfits in the hands of friends and even strangers. They’re finding the wackiest things they’d be willing to wear, then posting it on the social networking site saying they will wear it if they get a certain amount of retweets, as Teen Vogue reported.

Some set their goal low with numbers like 30 retweets, while others aim higher with numbers in the hundreds. Either way, this trend is not for those who shy away from sartorial risks.

So far, teens have been challenged to wear a ‘70s ensemble, fish slippers and a gold sequin baseball hat among other silly items. It's all in good fun — as long as the outfit complies with dress code rules, of course.

Social media challenges like this one, the 100 layers makeup challenge that took over 2016 and the super popular mannequin challenge might be a little weird, but they’re pretty harmless. Others however, like the recent deodorant and eraser challenges, and have proven to be dangerous. Needless to say, we’ll take a dare involving a funny accessory on the first day of school over one that can cause physical injuries.

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