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Tori Spelling: I've had plastic surgery, but not as much as everyone thinks

She says some people think she first had plastic surgery when she was a teen.
/ Source: TODAY

Tori Spelling is frank when it comes to having plastic surgery: She's been there, done that.

But in a new interview with People magazine, the "BH90210" star and co-creator says some people think she's had extensive work done — and it's just not true.

Tori Spelling at the Fox Summer TCA 2019 All-Star Party in Los Angeles on Aug. 7.MICHAEL TRAN / AFP/Getty Images

"The one thing for me that has stuck forever was the plastic surgery thing," she said in the interview. "I literally had my nose done and my boobs done, and that's it. I'm constantly reading that I've done more."

Spelling, whose dad was legendary TV producer Aaron Spelling, insists it just isn't like what people think.

"People have been talking about me having plastic surgery since I was 17," Spelling, 46, continued. "I remember my dad saying, 'Don't worry. It will go away next week.' But that one thing has stayed with me my entire career!"

Spelling isn't the only "BH90210" star to have come under fire for allegedly changing her look. In April, Jennie Garth stood up to critics who saw a photo of her and wondered what had happened to her face. (For the record, she looks just great.)

Spelling, a mom of five, did admit on Australia's "2DayFM Breakfast with Grant, Ed & Ash" in June that her kids didn't recognize her on "Beverly Hills, 90210" reruns.

"The first time I showed my oldest kids was probably four or five years ago and they're 11 and 12 now and they couldn't find me in it. And they were watching a scene and I was like, 'OK, where's Mommy?' They're like, 'There's Jennie (Garth), there's Ian (Ziering),' and I'm like, 'And Mom...' and they're like, 'Nope!'" said Spelling, adding that they decided her hair color was different.

These days, though, she's matured enough to have a different perspective on what other people think about her. Today, she says, "it's fun to own it!"

We couldn't agree more.