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Topshop's clear, plastic jeans are the worst of all time

These are the latest pair of jeans that are creating a buzz on the internet. We thought it couldn't get worse!
/ Source: TODAY

Here's a question we've found ourselves asking recently ... what happened to your average pair of denim jeans?

We didn't think it could get worse than Nordstrom's fake mud-splattered jeans.

But then Topshop went and did this.

Topshop's clear jeans

In the world of fashion, the envelope is being pushed further and further for what we can call "jeans." Are they even jeans if there is no denim? Oh boy, now we're getting existential.

The, um, pants which are currently sold out on Topshop's website both in the U.S. and U.K., typically retail for $100. Yes, $100 to wrap your legs in a Ziploc bag.

Clear pants

The online description says, "Think outside the box with these out-of-the-ordinary clear plastic jeans – guaranteed to get people talking."

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Well, Topshop was certainly right about that. They've sent the Internet into frenzy with most people wondering ... why?

Oh, and another question, how do you clean jeans like these? You definitely can't wash them in the machine and dry cleaning will probably melt them. The retailer has an answer: "Wipe clean only."

These plastic jeans come mere weeks after Topshop made headlines for clear knee jeans. So what could possibly come next? Please don't say clear plastic sweatshirts.

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