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Top off your wardrobe with a simple yet stylish T

The ultimate basic, the T-shirt, has evolved into a fashion statement of its own, thanks to girl-next-door celebrity style icons such as Jennifer Aniston and Cameron Diaz. Not only are fashion-forward women wearing their tees with jeans, they’re pairing them with party skirts, diamonds and other couture pieces, using the classic layer as a canvas to either tone down or display a statement. From an array of solid styles to the collectible screen prints coveted by trendsetters, hot T-shirt brands are fighting for "the perfect tee" bragging rights at a store near you. 

Bobbie Thomas, Today Style editor and author of the Buzz column for In Touch weekly, highlights five fashionable T-shirt styles and 15 of the most covetable collections.

Take the plunge
While a fitted crewneck was once the must-have for T-shirt-touting teens and fashion-forward adults, the V-neck has stepped up in recent years to replace this shape as the single most sought-after style. With a slightly loose silhouette that oozes a casual-chic ease and feminine appeal, brands such as Daftbird (, Splendid ( and James Perse ( have mastered modern versions of this neckline, making the "Vee" the new must-have tee. Even Hollywood's leading men, from Brad Pitt to Orlando Bloom, are baring a little chest and some sexy collarbones!

His or hers?
Let’s be honest, ladies, your man’s tees were always more appealing than yours. Something about the oversize style was surprisingly sexy and chic. Savvy designers felt the same way, and now unisex and boyfriend-style shirts are available to women. One of the latest companies to develop a cult following, LnA was actually started by two girls who were tired of stealing their boyfriend’s tees, and wanted ones of their own that were just as cool ( Other brands, like American Apparel ( and Saint Grace (, have also interpreted the look and feel of a guy’s go-to shirt. Paired with a soft scarf and sleek, fitted jeans, this loose, lazy-day look will feel polished in seconds.

Beat up and burned out
Destroyed, “burnout” styles are popping up all over the place, leaving no need to search through bottom drawers or endless thrift stores for the perfectly worn-in T-shirt. New techniques and fabrications are producing everything from edgy to subtly sheer. Alternative Apparel (, Bop Basics ( and Lexi Charms ( all offer up buttery-soft basics to satisfy your need for comfort and that old-faithful feel.

More to love
Ultra-long tees may have some women stumped, but these lengthy layers are actually amazing. Whether you want a lightweight option to wear over leggings (and cover your booty), or are just looking for a piece to peek out from under a shorter sweater, the movement toward long tees is a lucky one for us ladies. Belly-baring shirts are a thing of the past, and brands like Nation LTD (, Ella Moss ( and C&C California ( are leading the way in this quest for more coverage. 

Eco-friendly tees
Environmentally friendly activists are turning toward soft staples that will help save the earth as their T-shirts of choice. Labels like Skin & Threads ( and Inhabit ( have developed delicious tees-with-a-twist, made out of organic cotton. And Sweet Virgins even uses recycled Coca-Cola bottles fused with hemp fiber to make their fabulous basics ( Nature lovers have never had so many stellar options!  

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