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This toddler trying to squeeze into skinny jeans is all of us

This sweet toddler may have outgrown her favorite pair of skinny jeans, but it won't stop her from trying!
/ Source: TODAY

We’ve all been there, doing that same wiggle dance in hopes of squeezing into our favorite pair of skinny jeans. But we would argue that we’ve never looked quite as cute doing it as this sweet baby girl.

Alyssa Price, the toddler’s mother, told us via message that the pants had fit just two weeks prior to this video being taken. When Price went to grab another pair, her daughter, whose name the parents prefer not to share, decided to try her hand at making the old jeans work.

While her efforts didn’t quite get her the result she was hoping for — it did result in the absolute cutest video of all time.

“It was cute and funny so I decided to film,” Price told TODAY in a message. “I told her she looked like mommy trying to get into her skinny jeans.”

Man, oh man. We totally get it!

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In fact, this video just confirms that the struggle has never been more real.

“Every woman I know has been through this battle before,” Price wrote. “No matter who you are, what size or shape you are, skinny jeans can be difficult to get into.”

While we may not look quite as cute trying to squeeze into our own skinny jeans, we're here for this budding fashionista.

Don't worry, baby girl, skinny jeans will go out of style eventually!