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Sheinelle Jones: I'm giving myself the gift of time ... and you should too

#RealWomenHave self-love! Enough to prioritize themselves every once in a while.
Sheinelle Jones
Weekend TODAY co-anchor Sheinelle Jones realized she has to make time for self-love.Nathan Congleton / NBC
/ Source: TODAY

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Sheinelle Jones, Weekend TODAY co-anchor, shares how real women have "unspeakable amounts of love to give," but sometimes they forget to share it with themselves. Jones recounts how taking the time to slow down every once in a while can lead to great things — and new friends!

Mornings in my house are like sitting in an air traffic control tower.

I’m shuffling off to work, the kids are sprinting to school … then comes the run to the grocery store, soccer practice, ballet lessons, piano lessons, pediatrician appointments, not to mention a full-time career. It can be EXHAUSTING. (Oh, and there's a marriage in there somewhere?!!)

Why do we as mothers cram our days so full?

Honestly, I think it’s rooted in love. We love our families and we want the best for them, and we’ll do whatever and give whatever we can to keep everything spinning.

But can I confess something to you? Up until last year, I couldn’t even tell you the last time I had a physical. So I decided this year, I would try to change my approach.

I hope you remember to give a little love to yourself, too.

My to-do list certainly isn’t any shorter, but I added something to it: giving a little more “love” to myself. It felt selfish at first, but I can’t tell you how carving out just a little bit of “me time" — even if it’s just to linger on the phone with a friend a little bit longer — has made such a difference in my life.

Flight back to NY canceled!! 😂😂

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I recently had a morning off from work, so I took my kids to school. Normally, I'd drop all three of them off in their classrooms, quickly nod at the other parents and then run out of the school and onto the next errand. But do you know what I did that particularly morning? I told myself I was going to slow down and enjoy the fact that I have these three beautiful children who can’t wait to show me their projects.

Why do we as mothers cram our days so full? Honestly, I think it's rooted in love.

We were a little early, so I lingered in my son’s kindergarten class and, while we were coloring, I started a conversation with another mom. Next thing you know, we walked out together and stood on a busy New York City corner, as taxis and cars whizzed by, and just talked. And laughed. And talked a little more. Then I looked at the clock and realized I had to go, but we hugged and promised to catch up soon.

Walking away, I felt like my gas tank was refueled. And I met a new friend, which is hard to do! I genuinely enjoyed our conversation, and it’s only because I started my day with the intention to slow down and give something to myself that it happened. I gave myself the gift of time.

Now it’s your turn. Whether it’s fostering a dream or a passion, giving yourself time to read or even carving out 45 minutes to get a manicure, do it! Just try to be extra kind to yourself today.

Real women have unspeakable amounts of love to give. Today, I hope you remember to give a little love to yourself, too.

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