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Dylan Dreyer shares the story behind her new, darker 'do

Here's the story behind Dylan's new look.
Dylan Dreyer on TODAY
Dylan Dreyer is trying a brand new look this winter!Nathan Congleton / TODAY
/ Source: TODAY

Dylan Dreyer has a new ‘do!

The TODAY meteorologist sported darker strands on the show this week.

Dylan Dreyer on TODAY
Dylan added toner to her blond hair, which made it look darker.Nathan Congleton / TODAY

What inspired her new shade?

“Everybody’s asking me that! Even my husband asked me that,” Dylan said. “My hair was looking a little brassy so we put a toner in over the weekend, which I guess tones it down to the point where now it looks darker.

“The guy who does my hair, Freddy, said, ‘I think we’ll put a toner in your hair’ and I said, ‘All right! Whatever!’ and the result was a darker hairstyle.”

Dylan Dreyer on TODAY
Dylan's new color is gorgeous!Nathan Congleton / TODAY

Dylan also freshened up her cut, chopping one-half inch off her long, textured bob.

Dylan Dreyer on TODAY
Dylan also cut one-half inch off her textured bob.Nathan Congleton / TODAY

This new shade is a little closer to her natural hair color, dark brown. But while Dylan likes this deeper hue for the “cold winter months,” she said she will probably go brighter again in the summer.

“I’ve just always lightened it,” she said.

Dylan Dreyer on TODAY
Dylan says she'll likely go back to a blonder hue in the summer.Nathan Congleton / TODAY

For now, though, she is loving her updated look.

“When your hair looks good, you feel a little peppier,” she said.

We couldn't agree more!