The do's & don'ts of salon etiquette from the experts themselves

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By Emily Sher

As the saying goes, "A good hairstylist is cheaper than a good therapist." The hair salon or barber shop can often be a place of refuge during a stressful time (ahem, the holidays). But what happens when you absolutely hate your cut? How do you tell your long-time stylist that you'd like to try someone new? Is it rude to pick up your cell phone? 

Celebrity stylist Rita Hazan and Daniel Post Senning, Emily Post's great-great-grandson and co-author of "Emily Post's Etiquette," are here to answer these questions and more.

If you hate your haircut:

  • Don't: Cry or throw a tantrum. That won't get you anywhere!
  • Do: Approach your hairdresser calmly and say, "Something was off this time. How can we fix it?"
  • Tipping: It's not necessary to tip after a fix, unless you feel they went above and beyond.

If you want to switch stylists:

  • Don't: Be afraid or feel guilty. At the end of the day, it's your hair!
  • Do: Be upfront with your former stylist. Let them know you're just looking for a change and that there are no hard feelings.
  • Do: Remember to be as nice as possible.

If you're tipping during the holidays:

  • Do: Bring a little something extra around the holidays. It's up to you whether it's an actual gift or if you double your average tip.

If you like to use your cell phone at the salon:

  • Don't: Shout and interrupt other people while they are relaxing.
  • Do: Cooperate with your stylist and be conscious of whether they need you to move your head.
  • Do: Feel free to use your phone, as long as you're respectful!